Gift Boxes

Boxes containing something special made in Wisconsin, a perfect sampling of our most popular honey and pure maple syrup.

Great for any occasion.

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Maple Syrup-Brown Gift BoxMaple Syrup-Brown Gift BoxMaple syrup gift box filled with 16 oz. buttermilk pancake mix, 12 oz. maple syrup & maple sugar candy.

Honey-Stripped Gift BoxHoney-Stripped Gift BoxHoney gift box filled with 16 oz. cornmeal-n-honey muffin mix, 8 oz. clover honey, 8 oz. wildflower honey & 8 oz. cranberry blossom honey.

Maple Syrup & Honey Holiday Scene Gift BoxMaple Syrup & Honey Holiday Scene Gift BoxHoliday box filled with quart of clover honey, quart of maple syrup, 8 oz. creamed clover, 8 oz. raspberry flavored honey, 16 oz. wild blueberry pancake mix, 16 oz. oat-n-apple muffin mix, hex jar basswood honey, & hex jar creamed freeze-dried cranberry honey.

Gift Box - 4 pk. Hex Jars Natural HoneyGift Box - 4 pk. Hex Jars Natural HoneyIncludes one of each 1.75 oz. clover, wildflower, cranberry blossom, and buckwheat honey.

Gift Box - 4 pk. Hex Jars Flavored HoneyGift Box - 4 pk. Hex Jars Flavored HoneyThis sampler gift box contains our top 4 flavors of honey- lemon flavored, cinnamon flavored, peach flavored, and raspberry flavored. Tasty!

Gift Box-Maple Syrup & Honey SamplerGift Box-Maple Syrup & Honey SamplerThis gift pack features 1.7 oz. maple syrup, 1.75 oz. clover honey, 1.75 oz. wildflower honey, and a 1.6 oz. honey mustard. A sweet way to show you care!

Gift Box - Large Sampler PackGift Box - Large Sampler PackA large sampler pack of our Wisconsin made products....1.7 oz. pure maple syrup, clover, wildflower, cranberry blossom, buckwheat, basswood, and locust honey plus lemon flavored, cinnamon flavored, apple flavored, peach flavored, strawberry flavored, cherry flavored, and raspberry flavored. A sweet way to show you care!


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