Muffin-Breading & Batter Mix

The easy way to make tasty, all natural muffins. Hearty 16 oz. bag makes 12 muffins. Tastes especially good topped with either our honey or our maple syrup.

Breading and Batter Mix, quick and tasty breaded fish or onion rings.

16 oz., Muffin Mix, Cornmeal-n-Honey R52CNH$6.00
16 oz., Muffin Mix, Oat-n-Apple R52ONA$6.00
16 oz. Muffin Mix, Pumpkin R52PM$6.00
16 oz. Muffin Mix, Cranberry Orange R52CO$6.00
16 oz. Fisherman's Choice Breading F52FC$6.00

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